About me


                 Caroline Casswell

I am a Mosaic artist, a Polymer clay jeweller,  and I also work with paper, cutting, folding and printing. My journey in the art world started when I was very young! 



As someone who is passionate about making and who is continuously experimenting I have enjoyed taking these different art forms to new, imaginative levels of depth and pattern. Each piece is an adventure in colour and form, and has its own character and story.


All my mosaics start as blank ceramic tiles which I hand paint with a glaze, fire them in a kiln, and then these are broken to create beautifully intricate pictures that are generally inspired by hedgerows, and plants. I also love the challenge of being commissioned to make specific pieces

Polymer clay jewellery  

The celebration of colour continues into the jewellery and small gift items, which are all one-off pieces. Wether they are necklaces, bracelets, earrings or brooches, bowls or boxes  they all begin with the making of intricate designs using polymer clay formed into 'canes'. These are then sliced and crafted together 

Paper cut images and other work

The paper cut images have been made from a mixture of recycled and found paper, I am able to capture landscapes and bring a fresh and fun look to them with the use of background collage. The 'Tangled' series, has been brought about as my response to the 2020/21 Covid 19 pandemic and how I, and other people are feeling. I have been experimenting with paper folding and Gelli stencil making and printing.

Who knows what I will be into next!


you can also see my work at https://www.instagram.com/carolinecasswell